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Vizio P-Series Quantum (PQ65-F1) review

The best picture quality cash can purchase originates from a LG or Sony OLED, yet the most intelligent TV buy you can make right presently is graciousness of – drumroll please – Vizio. In case you're astonished, I don't accuse you, however you shouldn't be. Vizio isn't only a shabby Costco brand, in spite of the fact that its TVs are economical and regularly found in Costco and Sam's Club. The organization has been increasing its quality remainder throughout recent years and, to the extent I'm concerned, its top-level TVs are straight up there with Samsung, Sony, and LG. The confirmation is in the P-Series Quantum, Vizio's leader TV, looked into here.
VIZIO P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1

You realize you are getting into something uncommon the minute you expel the P-Series Quantum from its crate. For a TV with a full-cluster neighborhood darkening backdrop illumination framework, the Quantum offers an astonishingly dainty profile. From the front, the TV's bezel verges on imperceptible, with smooth metal accents at the edge. The TV's bite the dust cast aluminum legs maintain a strategic distance from the shabby looking strip away chrome complete we've seen with many spending sets over the previous year or somewhere in the vicinity. Indeed, even the Vizio identification has been contracted down to a little "V" and is concealed into the lower-right corner.

Concerning the remote? All things considered, allows simply state the structure isn't so vital as the TV's. I do like the remote's vibe – the grippy, matte-dark silicone complete is wonderful to the touch – yet it's generally passerby. Maybe utilizing Samsung's a lot sleeker, moderate remotes has ruined me. It merits calling attention to too that Vizio has a Smart Cast application for controlling the TV utilizing a cell phone.


The P-Series Quantum is equipped with five HDMI inputs, two drew closer from the side and three from the base. Observe that HDMI inputs 1-4 are HDMI v2.0 with HDCP 2.2, while No. 5 is HDMI v1.4 with HDCP 2.2. Following alongside the HDMI jacks are on the whole hard-composite and segment video associations, no connector links required. Additionally found in the advantageously recessed association cove is an Ethernet port, coaxial link connector, simple sound jacks, optical computerized sound out, ARC through HDMI 1, and a USB port you can pick to leave fueled on constantly or shut off with the TV – this is an aid to spilling stick clients who would prefer not to trust that their gadget will control up each time they turn on their TV.

In the engine, there's a considerable amount going on. The full-exhibit neighborhood darkening backdrop illumination framework is separated into 192 zones, which holds the guarantee of better dark dimensions and less "sprouting" around splendid items. The P-Series Quantum professes to have the capacity to accomplish 2,000 nits top splendor, which is in administration of supporting Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG content. Picture preparing, including upscaling non-Ultra HD goals substance to look best on the 3840 x 2160-pixel screen, is dealt with by Vizio's supposed V8 Octa-Core Processor and Spatial Scaling Engine. On the off chance that there's one zone in which I was searching for the P-Series Quantum to vacillate, it was with this preparing framework. Turns out, I left far from the audit for the most part awed.

Quantum spots are what put the Quantum in the TV's name and they additionally serve to extend its shading array and uplift both shading and white brilliance. By including a sheet of Quantum Dots – much similarly Samsung does with its QLED TVs – the board's shading channels don't need to buckle down and light power is saved. It sounds like a pack of voodoo, yet this is science and it bigly affects the TV's image quality.

Additionally highlighted with this TV is Vizio's SmartCast keen TV framework, with Chromecast worked in alongside Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice aide similarity. Apple's Siri is likewise on its way to this TV in the not so distant future, and keeping in mind that you can't talk legitimately to the TV, you can utilize a brilliant speaker to control fundamental capacities like killing the TV on and, evolving inputs, turning quiet on/off, and modifying volume. That is only a portion of the Alexa-good capacities. Google Assistant and Siri offer more on-screen content coordination by permitting content looks for YouTube and Netflix and showing data like the climate estimate.


Shrewd TVs have gotten progressively simple to set up in the course of recent years. Indeed, regardless you need to set aside the effort to include usernames and passwords for your most loved spilling applications, and brilliant speaker coordination may add a couple of ventures to the procedure, however most premium TVs today accompany a brisk setup wizard and a couple of strong picture presets that can have you going quickly. Vizio's P-Series Quantum is no special case.

Amid my setup, I ran into an odd issue which Vizio claims isn't the standard, however since it happened once, I should expect it could happen again so I'll clarify it here in expectations it will anticipate untimely re-boxing and return of a TV.

VIZIO P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

When associated with the web, the Quantum will require a firmware update that takes a few minutes to finish. That part is typical. What wasn't typical in my occurrence is that after the firmware update was downloaded, the TV shut off to finish the procedure and keeping in mind that ordinarily it's merely seconds before a TV controls back on, my survey test took almost 15 minutes before I could turn it on physically. For a minute, I thought the TV was bricked and a long, attracted out call to technical support was in my future. Turns out, I simply expected to hold up some time. Once more, Vizio says this isn't an issue it is finding out about from its clients, yet in the event that this happens to you, be persistent. Your TV ought to be a great idea to go before excessively long.

Vizio additionally has this amazing Game Low Latency setting that can be turned on in any image setting.

You can likewise hope to see some fascinating pick in messages from Vizio before being permitted to continue with staring at the TV. These are required exposures, and in the event that you don't need the TV to gather unknown survey information, you don't need to. Vizio says that review information is similar to a computerized Nielson evaluations and stresses it is mysterious.

Likewise, observe that on the off chance that you interface a recieving wire for nothing over-the-air TV gathering, you can expect a truly long channel-filtering process. What took my Samsung Q9F around 45 seconds to finish took the P-Series Quantum more than 5 minutes. Luckily, most people just need to do this a few times over the life of the TV.

One all that is done, I very prescribe the utilization of either the Calibrated picture setting or the Calibrated Dark Room setting. As the names suggest, these settings are proposed to recreate pictures which fall in accordance with the guidelines content makers use while creating motion pictures and TV appears, with the previous best utilized in rooms with any noteworthy encompassing light, and the last best for devoted dim rooms.


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Hisense 65H8E

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Vizio P55-F1

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Vizio P65-F1

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Vizio P75-F1

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Samsung UN60D8000

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Philips 55PLF4706/F7


Sony KDL-55NX720


Sony Bravia XBR-65HX929

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Sharp LC-60LE820UN

Samsung HLN617W

Notwithstanding Vizio's Game picture preset, Vizio likewise has this great Game Low Latency setting that can be turned on in any image setting. My recommendation is utilize Calibrated mode with the setting turned on — you'll get down to about 27ms slack along these lines — however on the off chance that you use HDMI 5, that will drop fundamentally to about 15ms. It's critical to note, nonetheless, that HDMI 5 is a HDMI 1.4 info and not reasonable for 4K/60p substance, so remember that in the event that you are utilizing a Xbox One S or X, a PlayStation 4 Pro, or a 4K PC apparatus — you can drop the slack somewhat more, however you'll abandon 4K goals for your gaming.


The best thing going for the Quantum's shrewd TV framework is its worked in Chromecast abilities. Discovering content on cell phones or a PC and throwing them to the TV is an incredible method to get to what you need to watch. Outside of that, I'll state SmartCast is greatly improved than it has been previously, however despite everything it runs somewhat moderate and feels somewhat clunkier than, state, a Roku or Amazon Fire TV gadget.
VIZIO P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

In any case, I will back off from having generally proposed that one not utilize the inherent SmartCast framework at all and rather state I think the framework is useable. Roku and Fire TV gadgets are better, however SmartCast takes care of business and not connecting another set-top box or gushing stick keeps a HDMI port free for something different.


The P-Series Quantum's image quality is, in general, remarkable. This is effectively a standout amongst the best LED/LCD TVs I've tried for the current year, which is stating something considering the set's sticker price, which presently floats somewhere close to $1,500 - $1,700. That is about a similar cost as a 55-inch LG C8 OLED, which improves because of flawless dark dimensions and spot-on shading, however for the cash, the Quantum conveys an a lot bigger 65-inch screen, amazing dark dimensions, and fantastic splendor, all of which lead to great HDR execution.

I was especially inspired with the Quantum's screen consistency. I got no trace of filthy screen impact, and the TV's backdrop illumination framework has astoundingly compelling nearby darkening. The Quantum isn't invulnerable to sprouting, however. We saw a considerable lot of sprouting around brilliant items on dull foundations (turn on shut inscriptions on a letterboxed film to perceive what we mean) utilizing the stock Calibrated and Calibrated Dark picture modes. This can be relieved by turning the "Xtreme Black Engine Pro" setting to high however doing as such makes the neighborhood darkening's activities simple to see, which I find also diverting to endure.

The P-Series Quantum's image quality is, by and large, remarkable.

Directly out of the crate, shading exactness was only the smallest piece off, with some red tints looking somewhat exaggerated, and a particularly warm shading temperature by and large. A calibrator can without much of a stretch fix this, however it's difficult to envision somebody burning through $1,500 on a TV, at that point surging out to spend a reasonable lump more on an alignment. I will say that watchers less examining than I am will likely be excited with the Quantum's shading execution in Calibrated or Calibrated Dark mode.

Picture handling here is far superior than I was anticipating. The P-Series Quantum has incredible movement goals and can deal with a 24 FPS motion picture with noteworthy rhythm. Judder is at any rate here, and 30 or 60 FPS substance looked fabulous. I'm a major fanatic of how this TV faces any semblance of LG and Samsung, and keeping in mind that Sony still has the market cornered on preparing, the Quantum gets amazingly close.

At last, I needed to address an issue I have seen examined in A/V gatherings about the P-Series Quantum's upscaling ability when dealing with 720p/1080i substance. Lamentably, the a lot of substance conveyed by means of link and satellite is as yet done as such at this lower goals, which solicits a great deal from any TV's upscaling framework. It's one thing to get 720p knock up to 1080p HD, however getting 720p up to 2160p is an entirely bad-to-the-bone errand and I don't think any 4K TV I've checked on of late completes a particularly extraordinary activity with it. Link and satellite stuff can't measure up to the quality you get from, state, Netflix in HD.

VIZIO P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

It's difficult to rank the P-Series Quantum test I got against its rivals when the bar is set so low regardless. Definitely, link content didn't look anyplace close comparable to Netflix in HD or 4K, and nothing truly measures up to Ultra HD Blu-beam, yet the P-Series Quantum completes a good enough activity of, well, cleaning a butt nugget, for absence of a superior articulation.


Vizio offers a 1-year guarantee against imperfections in materials and workmanship when the item is utilized "regularly as per Vizio's client aides and manuals." You'll discover more on Vizio's guarantee here.


Vizio's P-Series Quantum is all that one ought to anticipate from an exceptional TV, yet at a definitely more agreeable cost than contending TVs with comparable execution, making it a standout amongst the best LED/LCD TVs you can purchase this year and a solid option in contrast to OLED TVs.

Is there a superior option?

Not at this value, no. So as to get picture execution this solid, one should venture down in size and get a LG C8 OLED for about a similar cost or make good a considerable amount more for a comparably estimated Samsung Q9FN or a Sony X900F.

To what extent will it last?

This is a particularly vital inquiry, and tragically, it is hard to reply. In the event that there's one waiting worry about Vizio's TVs, it's over item consistency with life span – more or less, quality confirmation. While a huge number of clients have no issues with their sets, I've by and by had issues with the different Vizio TVs I've acquired or introduced for other people. My expectation is that the top notch execution of the P-Series Quantum means that its fabricate quality, however since audit tests are hand-chosen for commentators and this TV hasn't been around excessively long, the truth will surface eventually.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. In the event that you ache for the sort of picture quality you would anticipate from a LG or Sony OLED, a Samsung QLED, or one of Sony's top-level TVs, the P-Series Quantum offers something exceptionally near its opposition at a small amount of the cost. For my cash, this is the most intelligent purchase in TV at the present time.

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