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The 2019 Turbo Levo Expert Detail

The second era Specialized Turbo Levo, similar to the principal gen, is propelled by the non-electric Specialized Stumpjumper stage. It's a bicycle that performs well on crosscountry, trail, and light all mountain landscape. The organization never again offers a hardtail Levo, and has moved to a 29″ wheel measure versus the marginally littler 27.5″ before The bigger wheel width is fairly balanced by the smaller 2.6″ hefty estimated tires versus 2.8″ from previously. This implies the tires are smaller, produce less drag and commotion, and can crush through more tightly areas of shake and roots.
Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Electric Bike Review

Particular has constantly worked superbly with edge plan, and the new 2019 Levo has an awry back with right-arm segment that presently houses the cabling. This permitted the downtube to progress toward becoming smaller, diminished material, and obviously adds firmness to the edge. My underlying reasoning was that links could be gone through the top cylinder and the back stun supports could go symmetrical once more (which is somewhat smaller) yet that would meddle with the seat cylinder and seat post addition. The bicycle comes in two hues and four edge sizes, so you can locate an ideal fit for your style and body. The dropper situate post makes mounting, climbing, and slipping a breeze, and I like that they selected a thicker seat tube, since the principle segment of edge is carbon fiber. The back triangle is lightweight M5 aluminum compound. One thing I've constantly seen about Specialized is their advertising/marking naming methodology. You get the M5 aluminum and "Hella Flush" headset… it advises me that the group there has investigated everything, except once in a while makes it hard to contrast bicycle with bicycle. I've done my best to rattle off the majority of the specs in comprehensible terms above and depict the bicycle on camera with Charlie (the proprietor of ElectriCity Bikes in Washington DC). Other enormous updates for the 2019 second era Turbo Levo stage incorporate a SWAT toolset that fits into the controlling cylinder, under a swivel-top stem top, a considerably more reachable Turbo Connect Unit (TCU) catch cushion on the top cylinder, marvelous slap watches on the chain remain (top and base) just as the correct seat remain, an improved device free customizable chain direct, cell phone application highlights like stealth mode that turn off the LED lights and transport mode that let you dial in engine torque at low RPM, another S catch that bounces as far as possible up to the most abnormal amount of help with only a single tick, a significantly more reachable control cushion with S, +, and – keys versus a solitary catch with roundabout choices, a gigantic 700 watt hour battery pack, and obviously, the fresh out of the plastic new Brose Drive S Mag (magnesium) mid-engine that is lighter, all the more dominant, and more proficient than past emphasess. The bicycle is fantastic… it's lightweight, lovely, generally calm, amazingly very much adjusted, and only an impact to ride. Consider checking with your seller to get the right size and shading on request early in light of the fact that I'm speculating this bicycle could be on short supply come summer, particularly the Expert model.

Driving the bicycle is a conservative mid-engine from Brose with updated packaging that utilizes less material. It's likewise utilizing a lighter weight material; magnesium sections aluminum composite. My theory is that the internals are like the Drive S ALU yet the weight dropped from 7.5lbs to 6.39lbs. Regardless you get a thin Q Factor, ideal shaft situation (to decrease chain stay length for snappier turns and a shorter generally outline length), and great ground leeway. This engine is minimized and the packaging is shading coordinated to the remainder of the edge with carbon fiber and plastic encompasses. There's a durable plastic slide plate underneath, on the off chance that you do take a stone or log hit with the suspension completely packed on a drop. Note that the wrench arms are 165mm versus 170mm to lessen pedal strikes. I cherish that Specialized incorporated some average plastic pedals for test rides, since I tend to not get cut in shoes for riding ebikes and think that its irritating when you need to spend more cash for them. I'd at present consider swapping the stock pedals for some sturdier compound or magnesium pedals with customizable sticks after some time, however once more, these aren't not good enough to begin. Along these lines, the engine unit is little, however it truly packs a punch. You get 250 to 560 watts of intensity yield with up to 90 newton meters of torque! That is incredibly high for a mid-drive unit. Power is conveyed dependent on your back wheel speed, pedal rhythm, and pedal weight. These signs can be balanced in the discretionary cell phone application called Mission Control. The new Shuttle mode is about torque, enabling you to bring it up in lower rhythm circumstances, giving up battery effectiveness for more help in the event that you want to pedal moderate and lessen cardio while climbing. I for one cherish this element in light of the fact that my knees are delicate and I would prefer dependably not to pedal quick. Assuming, in any case, you would like to turn, the Brose engines all help 120+ pedal RPM. This implies it won't drop out on you while downshifting on way to deal with a major slope. Moreso than numerous other contending items, the Brose engine truly holds tight at high pedal rates. The Drive S Mag is light, increasingly incredible, and incredibly… more proficient than its forerunners, however it's still tranquil and smooth since it contains a Gates Carbon belt drive that advances from apparatuses to shaft yield. This lessens vibration and gives a natural inclination to the pedal experience that I can vouch for. The more seasoned Drive S was my most loved between Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha hence, and Brose is growing its help and nearness in North America. There's no pedal drag on the off chance that you do pedal unassisted (no decrease adapting) and the engine is decoupled from pedal strokes past the greatest bolstered speed of 32km/h (20mph). It's an exceptional drive framework, however I do feel that the charging port situating, on the left half of the engine swell, requires extra twisting around and is in the movement way of the left wrench arm… which could get caught or knock out of position. In any event it's attractive, so it won't break, and the spread appears to be entirely tough.

Fueling the bicycle is a high limit 700 watt hour lithium-particle battery pack. The cells are high-thickness 21700 cells orchestrated in a 36 volt 19 amp hour arrangement. That is a great deal of vitality to spend on range or soak climbs, and the bicycle spends it productively on the off chance that you change gears mindfully. The pack itself is a long round and hollow cylinder that slides up into the downtube from the base section zone, verifying with a 12mm jolt and standard hex key head. I expelled the pack for photographs and gauged it with my hand scale at generally 8.4lbs. Shockingly, the pack isn't in reverse perfect with original Turbo Levo or flow age Turbo Kenevo electric bicycles. My conjecture is that we will inevitably observe the original batteries eliminated for this new structure, and that implies you might most likely get it on last age Levo. Once more, this pack does not fuse a catch cushion and light ring like the more seasoned one. You either need to lift the bicycle or flip it topsy turvy to evacuate the battery, since it doesn't click up into the downtube like most other casing coordinated plans from Bosch, Shimano, and BMZ (as we see with BULLS items). One of the extremely slick pieces of the Brose drive framework is that they abandon it open for custom battery joining and shows. Specific has benefited from this chance, and they're sufficiently huge to make it work and give a feeling of help progressing, yet it's not so widespread or cross-perfect as the Bosch PowerPack. This battery is evaluated around $1,200 all alone… so be cautious while evacuating not to drop, and keep it charged at any rate half on the off chance that you realize you won't ride. Extraordinary warmth and cold can corrupt and constrain the execution of lithium-particle packs, so remember that. Charging is quite effective on the grounds that the bicycle accompanies a quicker 4 amp charger, and the reduced size and ~1.9lb weight makes it simple to stow in a knapsack. I trust that Specialized likewise sells a reduced 2 amp travel charger that is slower yet littler and lighter at 1.3lbs.
When you're prepared to control the Turbo Levo Expert up, ensure the battery is energized, situated, and tightened safely, at that point press the rubber treated power catch at the lower segment of the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU). This unit is mounted over the top cylinder, and incorporates the fundamental hardware to match with Bluetooth Mission Control cell phone application. Alternatively, I'm informed that clients can likewise purchase and introduce the Turbo Connect Display which is a little grayscale LCD with input about current speed, trip remove, battery rate and that's just the beginning. I've invested some energy with this showcase on the Turbo Como and Vado urban models, and it functions admirably. Everything basic is summed on the TCU with 13 blue LED lights. There's a heap of ten that speak to 10% strides in battery charge level and a hover of three that speak to help levels 1-3 (the third being Turbo). Thus, the lower bit of the TCD has the power catch, at that point you get the ten bars, and in the focal point of the help level readout is another catch that spins through help levels, however strikingly… it just goes 1-3 and won't let you cycle to zero. So as to totally kill help while as yet keeping the TCU on, you need to utilize the catch cushion close to one side hold. This catch cushion has a S at the top (which hops you to help level 3 quickly) and a + and – secure that explore and down. Presently, for what reason would you need to explore to help level zero and still leave the TCU on? Why not simply ride the bicycle with no power! I'm speculating that secondary selling lights could be wired in, or you could run the Mission Control application to associate with the bicycle and still keep help at zero to preserve battery life. Anyway, those are the little characteristics I taken note. The TCU is a lot simpler to reach than the more established downtube-side mounted control ring, and this one can be swung to stealth mode where the lights go out. That is pleasant on the off chance that you are riding at night or on a trail where individuals aren't neighborly to electric bicycles. The Turbo Levo is genuinely a standout amongst the most stealthy electric bicycles I've at any point seen. It's natural to utilize, the control frameworks are set so that they shouldn't get harmed effectively in case of an accident, and they adjust to you versus driving you into workarounds like dark electrical tape to cover the LED lights (which was evidently done by Gen 1 proprietors who would not like to emerge).

There's dependably a great deal to state about top of the line electric bicycles, so much idea has gone into the structure, thus numerous perspectives have been uniquely designed versus off the rack. That is totally valid for the Levo lineup, and Specialized items all in all. It's perfect to see ebike explicit suspension and drivetrains (derailleur) that can withstand the powers of electric drive with included weight. The brakes on this bicycle are another feature for me, since they offer 200mm rotors (bigger for influence and cooling) with instrument free flexible switches. It's the sort of part I'd hope to see at this value run, however it's as yet worth celebrating. You need bigger rotors when you have such huge wheels. The brake lines, similar to the shifter line, and electrical line, have been inside directed. Offsetting the SRAM trigger shifters on the correct side of the handlebar is a shifter-like dropper post switch on the left. I very much want this switch plan to the above-bar switches on many contending items. As usual, I welcome your input, rectifications, elucidations, and more profound perceptions in the remarks beneath and the Specialized discussions. This is a space intended to be advertisement restricted and open so you can share your bicycle, give your own experience Specialized client backing and vendors, and post your custom setup. Have a ton of fun out there, and ride safe!


The second era Levo outline configuration is lighter and stiffer than the first since they had the capacity to course links through the side-arm suspension plan versus the downtube, evidently they decided not to course through the top cylinder since that would meddle with the seat post

No trade offs here, I cherish that the casing has arrangements for a jug confine on the downtube and the stem has a spring up multi-instrument that is simpler to access than beneath the container confine like previously

All Levo models are presently 29ers, the successful measurement of the wheel is fundamentally the same as the 650b 2.8″ hefty estimated tires however the 29″ x 2.6″ is increasingly effective and agile, the lower assault edge enabled me to climb a lot of stairs

Fundamentally improved slap monitor configuration secures the paint and composite tubing on the top and base of the chain remain just as the lower edge of the correct seat remain

Ebike explicit RockShox suspension fork, SRAM X1 drivetrain with single-move, and edge geometry are dialed in for the expanded weight and mechanical powers of the electric drive frameworks… straight suspension execution with DebonAir, diminished squashing and drivetrain wear, and improved climbing execution are the outcome

The Brose Drive S MAG is 15% lighter than the S ALU, all the more dominant, but then additionally progressively productive… it's peaceful and smooth gratitude to the Gates Carbon belt drive framework inside, and it offers a thin Q Factor and shorter chain stay length than a portion of the contenders

Plastic chain manage decreases drops, alongside the tight wide chainring, and is without device so you can perform support simpler than age 1 which required a device

The SRAM X1 derailleur is lighter than Eagle, evaluated for E-MTB use, and incorporates a roller grasp that secures for simpler drivetrain support (the little round catch with a lock symbol on it, expand the derailleur and after that press it in)

Additional thick 34.9mm seat post fits into a more extensive, more grounded seat tube and considers longer travel dropper, it just felt durable and dependable on the Expert's carbon outline

Extraordinarily stealthy plan… considerably more than the original Levo, the engine and battery are genuinely incorporated into the edge which improves the stylish and kind of conceals the way that they offer help, the LED control reassure can be changed to dull mode so you don't have these lights sparkling when the bicycle is on

Engine actuation is extremely smooth and liquid (both controlling up and removing), it's considerably less detectable than on a portion of the other mid-drive ebikes I've tried, there's another Shuttle mode that enables you to dial up torque at low rhythm which is valuable for climbing long flame streets with slower pedal RPM… yet this will deplete the battery somewhat quicker

Tight resilience on the battery pack arrangement and locking framework, you don't hear it rattling around at higher speeds rough terrain, a durable 12mm jolt holds it in safely from the base, and it tends to be charged on or off the bicycle!

Accessible in two unmistakable edge hues (matte dark with green and dim with red) just as four sizes to oblige distinctive body types

Worked with top of the line lightweight materials like carbon fiber and M5 aluminum compound, at generally 48lbs you're getting a ton of intensity and range on account of the Brose Drive S Magnesium engine and 700 watt hour lithium-particle battery

The Mission Control App works with iOS and Android, it offers GPS, trip arranging (to land with a set power level residual), investigating diagnostics, and the Shuttle tuning choice

The bicycle is amazingly very much adjusted, we gauged it utilizing a snare associated with the nose of the seat and it remained genuinely straight

Incredibly responsive engine, since it gauges back wheel speed, rhythm, and torque I saw that the chainring wasn't turning as long after I quit accelerating and this is significant for specialized territory… on the other side, the engine can bolster up to 120 rpm pedal paces, so you don't miss out when dumping gears for a major trip

Extremely low top-tube makes the bicycle simpler to mount and less risky on the off chance that you need to bounce forward and put your feet down, this is particularly decent given the higher load of Levo versus a conventional unpowered Stumpjumper stage

Lift center point dispersing with 15mm front pivot and 12mm back hub give a tough propping edge to the spokes and stiffer, more grounded execution by and large, just the front wheel has fast discharge however the included SWAT device makes back wheel trail upkeep simple

The brake switches have apparatus free flexible reach so you can dial things in on the trail as you need more control or change from exposed hands to gloves

Tremendous system of vendors makes it simpler to see, contact, and get fitted on the bicycle, magnificent multi year far reaching guarantee with lifetime outline and wheelset… Specialized appears to be focused on the ebike space as one of the principal huge players to present a bicycle route in 2012

Vast oversteer guard defender piece on the downtube close to the guiding cylinder, shields the tubing from oversteer (particularly in case of a fall) so the crown of the fork doesn't wreck the casing

I like how the magnet for the back wheel speed sensor is associated utilizing a little plastic arm off of the circle brake rotor mount versus a spoke-mount in light of the fact that those get knock strange a lot simpler

The bicycle outline was intended to suit 27.5″ wheel measure on the off chance that you lean toward that to the 29″ and there's a flip switch on the back swing arm that changes the geometry to fit accurately


While the battery locks in safely with the remarkable through pivot stick, it doesn't depend on a locking center and key like the majority of the other city Turbo models, so in that sense it could be stolen all the more effectively

Restricted presentation alternatives without the application, you get 10 LED's that demonstrate your battery charge level and three more LED's that demonstrate your help, more established adaptations of the bicycle didn't have a remote catch cushion, so you needed to remove your hand from the hold to change help… however the new Levo has a S, +, – cushion that is anything but difficult to click while riding

Taking into account how insignificant the coordinated LED support is, how much squeeze the battery contains, and how cool the propelled Mission Control App is, I think a USB charging port that feed

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